Embrace the infinite forms of beauty that the Mystical land of Colombia offers you, bringing its magic on and off the mat.  Travel inward through Yoga practices and explore the breathtaking culture and landscapes of this amazing country.   Expand beyond your boundaries into the universal consciousness that unites us with all living beings. 

Mornings will begin with practice of Asana and Meditation to create clarity of the mind and energy body to connect within, followed by adventures that awaken the senses finding the divine in all the different expressions of life.  Join Pao and Julie on this magical journey, from ocean to jungle, up to the mountains of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta - the world's highest coastal mountains range (19,029 feet above sea level), to explore this mystical land and the teachings of the Kogis, direct descendants of the Tayrona culture that flourished in Northern Colombia around 1,000 AD.

Enjoy exotic organic farm to table cuisine, beautiful birds and other animals, surf on this beautiful part of The Caribean ocean filled with colorful corals and marine life, raw nature as its best!   Experience the grace and connection to "Aluna" Mother Earth and give back to it with our reforestation project in Palomino.  Each day would end with soul and body restoring practices, soulful ceremonies and intimate conversations that connect us with each other and all that is. 


“Aluna contains everything which is past and everything that may become. Aluna is intelligence; it is the concentrated thought and memory which forms a bridge between the human ‘spirit’ and the universe, but it is also the hidden world of forces which govern the world’s fertility. Aluna makes possible growth, birth and sexuality; it is the spiritual energy that makes things happen. If it did not, the world would be sterile. It would never have begun.
Aluna was and is the Mother. The whole of Kogi life returns again and again to this fundamental principle of reality, the life-force which is intelligent thought, which has personality and gives birth to personality, which shapes the world and makes it flower. Through concentrated thought and meditation, the Kogi enter the world of Aluna and act there.


July 24th to August 3rd 2018



Double occupancy $2,550 per person

Single occupancy $2,950

Limited space, reserve yours with $550 deposit



Trip includes:

Eco friendly luxury beach front accommodations in Palomino and Tayrona Park - Daily organic locally grown breakfast, lunch and dinner - Transportation in Colombia - Tubing, hiking, bird watching, visits to other beautiful nearby beaches - Daily Yoga and Meditation classes with Pao and Julie - Teyuna Hike: 4 days with all meals, simple accommodations in natives camps, sacred teaching and travel insurance - 3 days of Surfing, board included - Tree planting, reforestation seva project "Give back to Mother Earth"


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